The Swindling of America (Continued)

In my previous blog I addressed the fact that all of the following events had a nefarious purpose,  “Never let a crisis go to waste”:
1.  Russia conspiracy against President Trump.
2.  Ukraine conspiracy against Trump and his impeachment.
3.  Coronavirus and the economic shutdown of our nation.
4   The riots and civil unrest.
5.  What’s next?  Civil War if Trump’s re-elected?   
A great article by Michael Thau from Redstate which I will post the link here:
His article supports the fact that the Communist Chinese, WHO and CDC were pushing the lockdowns to our politicians.  “According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Chinese government directly tried to pressure local U.S. politicians into implementing lockdowns.”
These (mostly Democrat) politicians used fearmongering to push unconstitutional policies against their states citizens.  While coronavirus is a nasty virus, it has been totally overblown with that fearmongering to support the lockdown of our economy.  Why?  I believe to hurt our economy with the eventual outcome of President Trump losing his second term as President of the United States.  I believe that both the Communist Chinese, Globalists and the progressive left politicians (Democrats) are working together for that outcome.   If Trump wins reelection I see more civil unrest on the horizon.  If he is not, it is quite possible that they will come after Trump’s conservative base including the Christian right.
We are truly fighting for the soul of the nation and to keep it a constitutional republic.  Let us all pray that for a Trump win and God’s justice will again return to our nation and the lies and violence will stop.