Must listen to this Patrick Jones broadcast from Sunday 9/4 on KCNR AM Radio. 

The first program starts with:

And continues here:

Received an email from Sally Rapoza with the links to these radio broadcasts and she also stated, “Due to a recent increase in COVID cases coming mostly from one elderly care center and their employees in Redding, the Board of Supervisors is considering raising our county level from moderate to substantial.  This would dramatically affect our businesses-AGAIN!  We cannot afford to go backward!  Shasta County Board of Supervisors meet Tuesday mornings @9 am 1450 Court St.”

Can we trust the county board of supervisors to make competent decisions regarding business closures?

Personally, in light of the information received in these KCNR radio broadcasts, BOS behavior toward the citizens since the lockdowns started, and the policies of the public health department.  I must give them a vote of no confidence.  The citizens of Shasta County must begin the move for a recall. 

The next meeting is schedule for tomorrow September 6, 2020 at 9am.

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