In my Coronavirus Archive under Projects, YouTube censored some embedded videos  that according to them violated their policy.  In my opinion, YouTube is not a qualified arbiter of free speech so I am reposting these videos.  These videos were originally posted on YouTube by the original author, and if the original author requests that I remove these videos, I will comply.  YouTube seems to believe that if information contradicts their preferred narrative that they have the right to censor information without impunity. While that remains to be seen, you will see the original embedded video (censored) and below will be the link to the working video.  The original author can send me an email listed on the contacts page if they wish to request removal. 
The posts that was affected were in the Coronavirus Archive under the Projects tab:
“The Swindling of America” posted June 12, 2020, Fox News interview by Laura Ingraham with Dr. Stephen Smith.  Also, at the bottom of the archive, a video by Reverend Danny Jones, from Northlake Baptist Church.  While YouTube is a private enterprise, and they are entitled to censor posts at their discretion.  We must also use our discretion when supporting their enterprise.  Freedom and liberty minded folks need to identify and choose wisely who we will serve and patronize.

The battle is over, but the war goes on.

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