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Much has happened since my last post regarding Covid and the mRNA vaccines.  I had what I believed to be Covid last October and while I was never tested, I know that it was not the flu.  It did not behave like the flu, and it had all the symptoms of Covid.  The first week it sort of started out like the flu or maybe a cold but by the second week it was totally different.  The respiratory problems were difficult to combat with just my inhaler and over the counter meds.  I was also following the prevention protocol I found by the FLCCC Alliance: Immune Fortifying / Supportive Therapy.  By the end of the second week, I called my doctor and he prescribed Z-PAC.  That was a Thursday but for several days prior I was bouncing back and forth with fever and chills.  Chills during the day and fever at night.  At one point I had a 103.6 fever and the wife, and I were setting the alarm at night to take acetaminophen every 4 hours, plus warm showers to try to bring down the fever.  Prior to receiving the Z-PAC I was following the nebulizing protocol at DR. BROWNSTEIN’S BLOG ON HOW TO NEBULIZE. This relieved much of the breathing issues but what I had was very persistent and I asked my doctor for the Z-PAC to combat any possible bacterial infection in my lungs.  By Monday of the third week, I was better but now my wife felt like she might be getting something.  We then obtained some Ivermectin at the feed store and after two days of treatments I started to feel much better. 

It truly is a shame when the FDA blocks the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in favor of an experimental vaccine.  It is my understanding the reason for this is if there are known therapies, they must be used first so the mRNA vaccines would not have been given EUA approval for Covid.  Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are cheap in comparison to the protocols followed in the hospitals.  It sad but true, follow the money!  I could go on with all the adverse effects of the mRNA vaccines but instead I will be posting links to that information under the Resources page within the next few weeks. 

Covid allowed the Left and Globalists to gain more power and now they are warming up for the next crisis.  Pay special attention to the following videos that I have embedded.

Videos by William Federer: Understanding The Culture. This series was hosted by Calvary Chapel Chino Hills


Day 1



Day 2



Day 3