The Swindling Of America

I wanted to address some issues regarding the so-called COVID-19 pandemic.

I am embedding videos from Dr. David E. Martin as well as a link to compelling information from his blog pages here.

Dr. Martin’s April video:



Dr. Martin’s May video:



His blogs reference what is presented in the April video. I honestly believe that the Coronavirus pandemic is one of the greatest con jobs ever foisted upon the American people. I am not saying the COVID-19 it not a bad virus, I am saying it was never bad enough to shut down our economy, or maintain the continued lockdowns, and unnecessary precautions that are all politically motivated and tyrannically imposed by progressive politicians.

Unfortunately, it has not been the only con job foisted on the American people, it is the third in a series of cons. The first was the Russia conspiracy against our President Donald Trump which was debunked although many in the media try to resurrect it as well as some politicians. The second was the Ukraine conspiracy which ended up in the impeachment of our president and his subsequent acquittal in the Senate.

Next was the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and even the Trump administration fell for the con, Why? Because they trusted what they were being told by China (communist Chinese), the WHO, and the CDC. Think about it for a moment, the virus started in China, and China is incredibly un-happy with our president because of his America First trade position among other issues. Second, the Democratic party has gone so far to the left with their Marxist ideology that the moderates are unable to contain them. Whether the Democrats were in league with the Chinese or just took advantage of the pandemic should be investigated. The effort to fundamentally transform America has not only been the goal of the Democrat left but also the globalist goals of members of both political parties. Remember Bush’s “New World Order” and Obama’s Fundamental transformation of America. For many years I could not understand why there was no real change between a Democrat or a Republican. The reason is there is not much difference between the establishment progressive Democrats and globalist establishment Republicans. America is being shanghaied by those who wish to undermine our constitution and enslave the American people to a Marxist (Communist) ideology and transform our society and laws. The fact is the coronavirus pandemic panic and over reaction was a con by the Progressive Left and their media enablers who are lying to you about the virus as well as studies regarding the drug hydroxychloroquine. There is no money in hydroxychloroquine because its cheap, but there is a great deal of money in any new drug or a vaccine.

See Redstate, Why Should We Trust Health Experts Ever Again?

See The Federalist, The Media Are Lying To You About Everything

Dr. Stephen Smith regarding hydroxychloroquine: This is the censored video which was blocked. See video below.



This is the new link to the video:
Last but not least, is the rioting and looting resulting from the murder of George Floyd, which is being exploited by various groups to subvert law and order and push the lie of systemic racism. See Redstate,Opinion: Most of this turmoil has been based on a lie.

It will be a long five months to election day and a lot can happen. I hope and pray for peace and I hope you will all pray as well. If you are feeling like the world has gone out of control, you are not wrong. There is a solution and it is a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is not surprised by any of the current events and loves all of us and promises a perfect peace amid the storm. You can have that peace if want it, just ask him, and use the following prayer.

Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior and ask for the perfect peace that passes all understanding, and a transformed life through your gift of salvation.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.